《7inch+T-SHIRT》Yasushi Ide feat.Afrika Bambaataa/I'm Thinking,I'm Spacing
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《7inch+T-SHIRT》Yasushi Ide feat.Afrika Bambaataa/I'm Thinking,I'm Spacing

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Yasushi Ide feat.Afrika Bambaataa/I'm Thinking,I'm Spacing 7inch+Limited T-shirt set (Side A) I'm Thinking, I'm Spacing Part.1(Afrika Bambaataa 7inch Version) (Side B) I'm Thinking, I'm Spacing Part.2(Afrika Bambaataa 7inch Version) This is COSMIC JAZZ FUNK featuring Hip Hop originator Afrika Bambaataa! Hip Hopのオリジネーター、アフリカ・バムバータをフィーチャーしたCOSMIC JAZZ FUNK!7インチとCDシングルでリリース! I'm Thinking, I'm Spacing Written by Afrika Bambaataa, Yasushi Ide Poetry Rap :Afrika Bambaataa Electronics : Jeff Mills Trumpet : icchie Sax : Motoharu Drums : Hideo Yamaki Drums : Yukari Uehara Programming : Watusi All Conducted by Yasushi Ide Mastered by Hideo Kobayashi (Sonic Vista Studios Japan) Trial listening SIDE A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnTJmc3N4Jw SIDE B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT1q1dB-NZg T-SHIRT SIZE S 身幅(Width) 46 着丈(Length)69 M 身幅(Width)50 着丈(Length)73 L 身幅(Width)55 着丈(Length)79 XL 身幅(Width)60 着丈(Length)83 *Yasushi Ide サイン入りの7インチをご希望の際は、 備考欄に「サイン希望」と明記下さい。 <Grand Gallery 限定>CD、7inch、Tシャツ付きセットはこちら https://grandgallerystore.com/items/601658c6aaf04310ca1e6884 If you have any question,please contact this below. https://grandgallerystore.com/inquiry